Leeds recommends: Best place to get a tattoo

#leedsrecommends: Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Leeds?
#leedsrecommends: Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Leeds?
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Where (and why) is the best place to get a tattoo in Leeds? The #leedsrecommends community tells Lucinda Abbott.

Responses via Twitter include:
Alessandra Gritt @GrittAlessandra. @LeedsNews @REDTATTOOLEEDS is my favourite! I’ve had most of my recent pieces done there and they’re all awesome.

Responses via Facebook include:

Melanie Simmonds. Station Tattoo Studio. They were fab when they did mine and my friends’ tattoos. Amazing. Lovely friendly guys.

Thimara Parker-Smith. Lee Emmerson at Fine Line Tattoos in Middleton!

Rob Gillespie. Station Tattoo, Horsforth.

Rick Taylor. Gold Frank at Brotherhood is an extremely talented artist. As are the artists at Ultimate Skin.

Becki Turnbull. Station Tattoo Studio in Horsforth.

Julie Atkinson. Lee Bailey runs Skinz in Bramley. Extremely recommended.

Andrea Withington-De La Cruz. Station Tattoo in Horsforth. Brilliant! Christo Aravanis and Yiannis Aravanis x

Kati Croft Ace. Art Tattoo - Holbeck I’ve had both of my tattoos done there and planning a third one.

Christo Aravanis. Station Tattoo Studio.

Jodie Murray. Ultimate Skin are amazing at tattoos. I’ve had all mine done by the one artist there.

Emma Clarke. Skinz in Bramley.

Janette Thornton. Station Tattoo, Horsforth...

Jessica Holroyd. Ace Art Tattoo in Holbeck. He’s done all 10 of mine and I’d go nowhere else.

Tanya Collier. Imprint Ink in Pudsey.

Margaret Day. Fine Line tattoos.

Liz Stanbridge. Sacred Electric for sure! All the artists are amazing, although I personally have Sway do all mine.

Linda Withington-De La Cruz. Station Tattoo, Horsforth. Incredible team.


The #leedsrecommends community has also been making suggestions on the best place for fish and chips in Leeds:

Peter Archer. Frying Machine, Halton.

Nicola Whelan. Park Fisheries Beeston. By far the nicest! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Toby Tetley. Skyliner crossgates.

Famida Ali. Holbeck fisheries.

James Alexander Blanthorn. Croft Street, Farsley!!

Chris Turner. Murgatroyds by a mile.

Scott Pearson. Oldfield Lane Fisheries, Worley by far. Once you go here you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Simon Gudgeon. Nash’s! Chapel Allerton. God’s chippy!