Leeds recommends: Best place to buy a pumpkin

#LEEDSRECOMMENDS: Where is the best place in Leeds to buy a pumpkin this Halloween?
#LEEDSRECOMMENDS: Where is the best place in Leeds to buy a pumpkin this Halloween?
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With Halloween this weekend, where and why is the best place to buy a pumpkin in Leeds? The #leedsrecommends community tells Lucinda Abbott.

Responses via Twitter include:

Jamie Hannah @jamiephannah. @LeedsNews Costco - they’re quality and really big.

.@tennerjim. @LeedsNews Waitrose.

Responses via Facebook include:

Becca Jackson. Morrisons!! 50p each.

Shuhena Mikael Begum. Morrisons and Tesco.

Anne-Marie Driver. Farmer Copley’s or Woolley Edge Farm.

Lindsey Fryer. Will be picking the perfect one, always do. Even use to pick my own swede back in the day lol x

Sarah Newsome. Check out the teal pumpkin project...we need to adopt the idea here in the UK. #tealpumpkinproject

Carol Fowkes. Morrisons - 50 pence each medium.

Ann-marie Rowling. 50p Morrisons.

Paige Olifia Louisha Griffiths. I don’t like Halloween I’m scared to death of people dressed up!

Laura Drysdale. I got one for £2 at Asda but there was an offer on so you could buy two for £3. I think local greengrocers or farm shops may do them a bit cheaper though. I had never carved one before but my boyfriend and I spent Tuesday evening perfecting Pumplestiltskin. He’s been sitting on our driveway since then and some of the children on the cul-de-sac have come to have a look. We’re both away for Halloween so we’ll leave him for them to enjoy!


The #leedsrecommends community has also been making suggestions on the best place for fish and chips in Leeds:

Bronwen Birch. The best fish and chips are from Pudsey Road Fisheries. The best we have tasted.

Dave Goodyear. Pudsey Road Fisheries for me by far. The best chippie in Leeds, maybe the world!!

Judith Gothard. Grangefield Fisheries.

Suzanne Henshall. Wetherby Whaler at Pudsey or Guiseley.

John Cook. Graveley are very good in Pudsey.

Caroline Hill. Wilson’s Family Fisheries, Waterloo Road, Pudsey. I come from London and it took me ages to find a chip shop that has good food for a good price. The people are lovely too.

Nichola Jayne Lawrence. Wood Nook everytime!

Irene Chandler. Grandpa Nicols on Greenside. No question about it. Twice-cooked chips -taste delicious.

Janet Jones. Graveleys.

Mandy Bannister. Petty’s, Owlcotes Road, Pudsey. The best.

Gary Pollard. Greenside, Grandpa Nicols I think they call it now. Had the best chips I’ve had in ages from there last week!

Andrea Lake. Daisy fisheries on Stanningley Road is lovely. Spotlessly clean, friendly staff and great fish and chips.

Sue Gray. Wetherby Whaler!