Leeds recommends: Best place in Leeds for a burger

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Where is the best place in Leeds for a burger? Andrew Hutchinson asks #leedsrecommends readers.

Responses via Twitter included: 
DJ PAYNE ‏@peanalopayne. Handmade Burger Co. #bestburger.

Dave Stephenson ‏@Davestiv. Got to be Reds true barbecue.

Handmade Burger Co ‏@HandmadeBurger. We can’t argue with that!

Richard Wise ‏@Lizard70Richard. McDowell’s #mcdowell.

Dusty Truffle ‏@LUFCkarlos. This is where I’m heading for next time I’m in Leeds @AlmostFamousLDS.

DJ Direct ‏@djdirect95. I tried one at Harley Bar in Sheffield and it was sick so had to get another one. LOL

Willy Mullan ‏@Carnaross. Try the various burgers in @ONeillsLeeds. Not bad to say the least!

Andrew Robinson ‏@AndyRobinsonYP. I take my kids to Maccy Ds!

Steven Bromley ‏@stevenb1984. Never been disappointed with @Itbarleeds

Nathan Lane ‏@nathanlane. That would be @MEATliquorLDS

Richard Sykes ‏@mentaldwarf. @shopkeepers burgers are GREAT. Also Patty Smiths @Belgrave_Leeds

Carlee Sissons ‏@SissonsCarlee. @AlmostFamousLDS

Mind On A Mission ‏@MindOnAMission. Byron Proper Hamburgers... Try the smoky!

Fev ‏@KbonKev. Five Guys at Kirkstall.

Ben Palmer ‏@Beastlysolid. 
@AlmostFamousLDS Hands down Almost Famous, their Johnny Mac burger is unreal.

Jamie Mason ‏@jamiepaws. Easily @Belgrave_Leeds.

Lewis Dover ‏@99a2a6cccf3e4a5. Most defiantely Five Guys near the Vue and Frankie and Bennys.

Responses via facebook included:

Simon Firth. Chicago Rib Shack Trinity Kitchen. They use real meat in the burger and not the processed rubbish you get.

Jay Singh. McDonald’s on Easterly Road.

Harvey Bhachoo. Tried most of them recently still think Almost Famous is great! Get Baked also good. Five Guys is over rated its nice but compared to the above its lacking something.

Claire Golding. Sir Dukes at Wetherby!

Sean Roberts. Reds True Barbeque. Try it and you’ll see why it’s the best!

Les Broadbent. Rosies

Arran James May. Dead Hippie burger from Meat Liquor.

Rob Wilson. Just had a really tasty burger in Lazy Lounge!

James Wood. Almost Famous, Byron, Reds.