Leeds recommends: Best place for fish and chips

#LEEDSRECOMMENDS: Where is the best place in Leeds for fish and chips?
#LEEDSRECOMMENDS: Where is the best place in Leeds for fish and chips?
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Where (and why) is the best place for fish and chips in Leeds? The #leedsrecommends community tells Lucinda Abbott.

Responses via Twitter include:

Damon Cooper @DamoHere. @LucindaAbbott I really enjoy my #chips at @wetherbywhaler #Pudsey because they taste great! #leedsrecommends

Andrew Richardson @iandyrichardson. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott no question Hartley’s fish and chips in Horsforth @HartleysChippy #leedsrecommends

SP @TheRealPadman92. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott Drakes - Scott Hall Road. #leedsrecommends

The Scarbrough Hotel @ScarbroughTaps. We sell gorgeous fish and chips! @LucindaAbbott

James Cowell @JamsCowbell. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott The Regent @Regentchippy in Horsforth or the Graveley’s by the market in Leeds. #leedsrecommends

Daryl Berriman @DarylBerriman. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott Miners in Morley. Fantastic. Salivating just thinking about them. Will be there tonight.

Jenny Dixon @dixon_jl. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott It’s got to be Fryday’s on Street Lane.

Steve Jones @sjlufc. @LeedsNews @LucindaAbbott Miners in Morley. Large fish, good value and expertly cooked.

Responses via Facebook include:

Sophie Cahill Clough. I have four favourites - Oceans, Cross Gates, Fisherman’s Wife next to the market, Murgatroyds, Yeadon and the Mermaid, Morley.

Kay Stokes. Hartley’s in Horsforth!!! Amazing fish and chips!

Bronwen Birch. Pudsey Road Fisheries. The best fish and chips we have tasted and fantastic staff - always helpful.

Angie Talbot. Fisherman’s Wife, Headingley. Superior fish and chips and Tripadvisor reviews say it all.

Sarah Clapham. Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley. They’re blumming gorgeous.

Beverly Golesworthy. Wetherby Whaler at Guiseley and Murgatroyds at Yeadon.

Ian McDonald. I live in South Wales now but always pay a visit to Park Fisheries in Beeston when I visit Leeds.

Lyndsey Burns. Bretts in Headingley or Maypole, Otley, Leeds.

Debbie Yearsley. Robin Hood Fisheries. The best fish and chips ever!

Terry Hopkins. AJ’s Fisheries, Wortley.

Julie K Smith. Daisy Fisheries, Bramley.

Rob Ward. Kirby’s Fisheries, Stonegate Road, Meanwood. All I can say is WOOOOOW.

Anne Jones. Got to be Farndales in Woodlesford!!

Rebecca Hawkins. Park Fisheries in Beeston. Excellent food, great service. They win awards for their display and customer seating area/garden and contribute to the community. One of the reasons we relocated back to Beeston!

Simon Gudgeon. Nash’s, Chapel Allerton. God’s chippy!