Leeds recommends: Best place for a curry

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Where (& why) is the best place for a curry in Leeds? The #leedsrecommends community tells Andrew Hutchinson

Responses via Twitter include:

Clifford O’Politics ‏@policliffs. @AndyHutchYPN Artis on Street Lane. Amazing dhosas.

Leeds teacher ‏@Value_added. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Sheesh Mahal on Kirkstall Road. Brilliant.

LP ‏@lauraparkerrr. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Saffron in Garforth/Sherburn.

Hyde Park Unity Day ‏@HPUnityday. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Tharavadu or Hansas. 
Akhmals’s on Hyde park pretty good too.

Mike Gibbs ‏@wakeymike. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Kashmiri in Wakefield

Neelam ‏@NeelamThekervi. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews @ShaiNanKebab.

Charlie Bucket ‏@CharlieBucket7. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Quite partial to East at Horsforth.

Chris ‏@AFCpens. @AndyHutchYPN @LeedsNews Tariqs in Headingley. Really tasty curry.

Responses via facebook include:

Alex Borthwick. Masala Hut, Crossgates. Best curry I have ever eaten.

Rob Heap. Sheesh Mahal. Tasty, friendly and consistent.

Rhys Madgin. Masala Hut, Crossgates.

Leon Howgate. Sheesh Mahal, every time!

Leanne Moss. Akbars so tasty!

Paul Hammill. Table 27 at Morley

John Cunningham. Back in the day there was a little curry house called Nafees in Woodhouse moor. 
The best of the best. Gone now like every thing else.

Meleika Rochelle Jackson. I just order whatever curries they do on Hungry House.

Paul Healdy Heald. Akbars. But you have to have family nann with extra garlic.

King Michael Lofthouse. Nowhere, go to Bradford.

Chris Vessey. Has to be Akbars with a shout out to Sheesh Mahal in Kirkstall. Mmmmmmm I want a curry now!

Gayda Jackson. What about Aagrah in Chapel Allerton? 
I’ve had some delicious meals there.

Judith Thorpe. Sheesh Mahal. Been excellent for over 20 years.

Jeni Roussounis. Corner Cafe in Burley.

David Lockwood. Sheesh Mahal on Kirkstall Road. Hands down!

Joan Kaye. Raja’s on Roundhay Road.

Shaun Pears. Masala Hut is pretty special but my brother swears by Aagrah in Chapel Allerton!

Courtney Eva Whittles. Table 27 in Morley is definitely the best place for a curry. 
Lovely staff, amazing food, nice and clean environment.

Keith Shuttler. La La’s in Wakefield. Yum yum.

Emma Harrison. Sheesh Mahal.

Mark Bedford. Jeera in Morley.

Neil Beaumont. Jinnah in Seacroft.

Linda Flanagan. My house!

Breen Turner. Shezzan, Pudsey

Linda Mcreynolds. Akbars defo

Steven Pickering. You can get good and bad were ever you go

Bob Walker Nawaab Khan in Oakwood.

Anita Sohoni. Chhatre Akbars and Mumtaz (The Chandelier). Anytime!

Michael Thackray. Zayka on Spen Lane. Fab curry. And it’s great value!

Lyndsay Marshall. Moghul, Horsforth. Delicious and good value.

Jimmy Blue. Aagragh in Pudsey with the elephant outside.

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