Leeds recommends: Best place for a bonfire and fireworks

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Where is a good place in Leeds for a bonfire and firework display this year? The #leedsrecommends community tells Lucinda Abbott.

Responses via Facebook include:

Christine Best. Rounday Park Leeds is good. We used to take our children when they were young.

Phil Rourke. My back garden a nice big bonfire plenty of drinks (alcohol) and food and not forgetting the fireworks.

Paige Olifia Louisha Griffiths. Don’t like fireworks they make me jump and scare me! Don’t like loud noise at all. Went to a bonfire last year and all I did was cry because it was hurting my ears.

Pauline McArdle. East End Park!

Sue Brookie Nicholson. Roundhay Park, obviously, just don’t park too near! Gets a bit crazy!

Paula Thompson. Farsley Community Bonfire at Throstle Nest.

Niki Tarbuck. Springhead Park, Rothwell!

Dave Fieldhouse. East End Park.

Paige Olifia Louisha Griffiths. Hope it won’t be foggy or raining.

Michelle Holliday. Well I cross my fingers for you that it’ll be a clear night.

Dez Scarth. Roundhay, always Roundhay...but they need to sort out getting the cars off the field afterwards,,,can take nearly two hours to get off the field.

Responses via Twitter include:

Dodson’s Fresh Catch.‏ @dodsonscatch. @LeedsNews we will be serving our #awardwinning #fishnchips @roundhay #BonfireNight


The #leedsrecommends community has also been making suggestions on the best place for fish and chips in Leeds:

Danny Whitehouse. Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley - www.croftstreetfisheries.co.uk Lovely fish, pleasant staff, been going to this little shop for years.

Lyndsey Coad. Leeds market, fantastic fish and chips.

King Michael Lofthouse. The chippy next to the market used to be great. It’s now changed to Fisherman’s wife. Now I have had Fisherman’s Wife Seacroft numerous times and it’s good, but it’s a long way behind the delicious Fayre Oceans in Crossgates serve up. By far and away the best fish and chips I have had in Leeds.

Kay Stokes. Hartley’s in Horsforth!!! Amazing fish and chips!

Angela Gabriel. Park Fisheries on Beeston Road, Beeston best in town - good fish and chips and wonderful service.

Margaret Bate. My grandma said the best fish and chips were in Pudsey at the Manor fish and chip place. She would know.

Paul Brooks. Kirkstall Fisheries fish shop at end of Morris Lane near Kirkstall Leisure Centre are well nice - not bad for an ex-butcher.

Debs Lee. Oceans Fisheries in Crossgates. Their fish and chips are really nice. It’s great service and good value too.

Täŷŷībä Iśłåm. Agree 100% with Ocean Fisheries mmm.

Sue Ashley. Tony’s fish shop, Outwood, they’re yummy.