Leeds Recommends: Best bargains and Ice Cube attraction

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The best place in Leeds for a bargain and the return of the Ice Cube attraction to the city centre have been dominating the #leedsrecommends agenda this week. Harneet Bhullar reports.

We asked what and why is the best place for a bargain in Leeds:

@PeopleofLeeds. I got a bag of peppers (6), spring onions and a savoy cabbage in @LeedsMarkets today for £1.60- absolute bargain that!!

@Amez_W. I’d also say @LeedsMarkets - bags of fruit/veg and change from a tenner! Great choice too.

@CraftAlchemy. If you’re after fabric, misc craft materials or wonders unknown, SCRAP Creative Reuse aka @scrapleeds (1/2)

@LFChorus. Fave bargain is @LeedsTownHall concert season tickets: £5 for under-26s! Esp. 28 Feb http://leedsconcertseason.com

@JohnsonFlooring. Any Gregg’s bakery. £2 for a bacon and sausage sarnie with a latte coffee #unbeatable

@isy1011. Red bus diner. Its fab.

Zack Whitehead. www.togs-gallery.com Best place in Leeds for local affordable art

Stu Dobson. Fruit and veg tastes better from Leeds Kirkgate Market than the supermarket.

Caritia Stanforth. The market offers great meat boxes for students.
Go there late in the day and try bartering with the different stalls. 
And asking if you can change certain meats in the box for something else if there is a meat you don’t like!

Nathan Medley. I’ve learned that “Bargains” generally break or go foul after two minutes. 
If you want quality, it has to be the iconic M&S. Or one of many Leeds shopping arcades.

Tasleem Qureshi. Uber.

Nathan Kennedy. It used to be the market until the greedy council upped the rents to unsustainable levels.

Leigh Richardson. The Duncan Pub.

Chris Martin. Poundland.

The return of the Ice Cube attraction in Millennium Square has prompted a rash of reponses via social media:

@ElectricPressLS. Heading to the @millsqleeds #IceCube? Warm up those cold mitts with a coffee or a hot choc at The Electric Press!

@Yorkshiredays. Looking for some winter fun? Head to #IceCube #Leeds at .@millsqleeds for ice skating, snowslide and more

Can’t wait for 5pm to come back home and snuggle in my onesie #icecube

@StaceyLynnPDX. Cozy new uggs, coffee, kids running around. Today is a good day #icecube

@abiidooz. Need to go ice skating in Leeds this year!! #IceCube #Leeds

@Yorkshiredays.Looking for some winter fun? Head to #IceCube #Leeds at .@millsqleeds for ice skating, snowslide and more

@ElectricPressLS.The #IceCube in @millsqleeds - perfect for little tykes! 
Pop along to one of our #childfriendly restaurants after.

@hollyxdollx. Ice Skating #leedsicecube

‏@jobo300. Tried out the #icecubeleeds last night

@sbux_citypoint. Heading to #icecubeleeds?Why not bring a nice hot drink with you? 
Curbside #leedsparking only £2 #LovinLeeds #iceskating

@tomriordan. Time to get your skates on! 
Check out #IceCubeLeeds in Millennium Square @millsqleeds

@CovanceLeeds.Rain or shine, #Leeds is a winter wonderland! #IceCube

@THPArchitects. Works social @millsqleeds Ice Skating booked for this Friday. #icecubeleeds

‏@RNW90. Majorly missed ice skating but who knew I would be a pensioner on ice #scardypants #IceCubeLeeds