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Enjoy the high life and live like a Rockstar at Lincolnshire's Tattershall Lakes

'It's all too beautiful', I joked as we approached our weekend getaway to murmurings about staying in a caravan; but seconds later my words became reality.
Gemma Hogg has written a memoir about life at a racing stable.

The muck and magic of life at a Yorkshire racing stable

From stable lass to assistant trainer, Gemma Hogg has written a memoir about her life devoted to working with racehorses. Tom Richmond talked to her.

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On the stunning walk to the lighthouse. PIC: Sheron Boyle

Travel review: The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca often attracts a party crowd, but Sheron Boyle found it was the perfect place to recharge her batteries.

The Well-Bean Cafe. Picture credit: Endless Creative.

Leeds’ Well-Bean cafe supporting people in mental health crises

When a mental health crisis strikes, often the first place people turn in search of help is A&E.


‘Tell a mate’ about Leeds’ mental health advice website

From worries about friends or family to information on how to cope or where to get help, it has been a groundbreaking resource when it comes to mental health in Leeds.

11 May 2018... Michael Mkpadi NHS chaplain in Leeds. Picture Scott Merrylees

Leeds NHS chaplain talks of importance of compassionate service

Unless you support your colleagues under stress, they cannot provide the best level of care for patients.

Local Newspaper Week. Generic image.

Column: ‘Without our readers we are nothing’

For as long as I can remember I have been a fully blown news addict, having got my regular fix from newspapers, radio, television, Ceefax and nowadays also via my laptop and smartphone.

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Dan Snow will be bringing his new theatre tour to Leeds

Dan Snow on a mission to bring rich history of Leeds to life

Broadcaster Dan Snow is hoping to make people think differently about the history of their home towns as he begins his first ever theatre tour in Leeds. Chris Burn reports.

Anti-war protests in London's Grosvenor Square in 1968. (PA).

1968 - A year of protest and revolt

Fifty years ago students were rioting, anti-war protesters were in the streets and political and religious leaders were being gunned down. Chris Bond looks 
back at 1968.

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Paul Merton opens the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival in Leeds on May 8. (Caroline Webster).

Paul Merton makes a big noise about the age of silent comedy

Ahead of Paul Merton opening the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival next week, he talks to Chris Bond about his love of silent movies and why their stars still remain popular today.

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Kitty Wright, executive director of the Bront� Society, and John Thirlwell, chair of the trustees, Bront� Society, at the Bronte  Parsonage Museum.  Picture by Bruce Rollinson

The Brontë parson who made the books look better

The internecine conflict between its traditionalists and modernists has for years played out like the plot from a Victorian novel. But the latest figures to emerge from the parsonage at Haworth suggest that the steady­ing influence of a clergyman who is Patrick Brontë’s spiritual successor might finally be calming the waters.

The cast of Sunshine on Leith.

Behind the scenes of Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith is West Yorkshire Playhouse’s last show before its refurbishment. Theatre correspondent Nick Ahad reports.

Alf Limb uses the new robotic gait trainer.

Unique brain rehabilitation centre opens near Leeds to offer new hope to disabled patients

In an unremarkable-looking office building on the outskirts of Leeds, new technology is transforming the lives of stroke victims and brain injury sufferers. Chris Burn reports.

A pioneering Leeds unit which helps new mums dealing with post-natal depression. Pictured Bronwen Ashton, who was a service user and is now a volunteer, helping others going through a difficult time with their babies.

How Leeds nurses and ex-patients are offering a way out of the darkness for mums with postnatal depression

Mothers whose lives have been transformed by a pioneering mental health unit in Leeds are helping others dealing with postnatal depression. Chris Burn reports.


The Leeds artist so allergic to the materials he uses, he has been hospitalised twice

He is severely allergic to the paint he uses, but David Rusbatch tells Sarah Freeman that the end result is worth the occasional trips to A&E. Pictures by Tony Johnson.

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Dynamo. PIC: PA

Why West Yorkshire street magician Dynamo is under no illusion

He crossed the Thames on foot, walked down the side of the Los Angeles Times building, and levitated above the London Shard, but the Bradford magician known as Dynamo has revealed that for his next trick, he will take on a somewhat bigger challenge – solving the Syrian refugee crisis.

Lauren Laverne was among the big names at last year's festival. (Ben Bentley).

The Leeds festival encouraging women to get involved in science and technology

The acclaimed Leeds International Festival returns later this month and features a major conference highlighting the work of women in science and technology. Heather Saul reports.

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The Dance for Parkinson's programme aims to help people with the condition. (Sara Teresa).

Pioneering dance project to help those with Parkinson’s

Yorkshire Dance is involved in a pioneering project aimed at encouraging people with Parkinson’s disease to join a new exercise programme. Chris Bond reports.

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Richard High, in the Special Collections department at the University of Leeds with some of the items relating to Frederick Caton. (Simon Hulme).

Young RAF hero’s brief life tells story of First World War in the air

Frederick Caton was a teenager when he joined the fledgling RAF in 1918, but he didn’t live to see his 20th birthday. Chris Bond tells the Leeds lad’s moving story.

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Today is April Fools Day... but what does it mean and why do we do it?

April Fool’s Day: The history behind the trickery

For many people around the world, April 1 means one thing and one thing only… April Fool’s Day.

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