Health: The healing power of the vibration machine

Martyn Gregg demonstrates the use of the Power Plate. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Martyn Gregg demonstrates the use of the Power Plate. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Martyn Gregg, personal trainer and Power Plate devotee is blinding me with science in a bid to demonstrate the effectiveness of the world’s leading body vibration machine.

Much of it goes over my head but I do manage to grasp enough of what he is saying to appreciate there is plenty of scientific data to back up his claims.

The first thing he does is dispel the myth that Power Plate is just a modern-day version of the bizarre ‘wobble’ machine I remember my aunt using in the 1970s.

And although there are a variety of other versions of the whole body vibration machine currently on the market, Power Plate is the only company to have its full product range certified as medical devices.

Martyn says: “Using Power Plate is beneficial for a wide range of people including the elderly, those with injuries, illnesses and disabilities, anyone who is overweight or obese, in fact anyone seeking a quick, low-impact form of exercise.”

In his role as a personal trainer he has introduced the Power Plate to clients who have a range of illnesses and injuries including those with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease to great effect.

“These two conditions affect the way the brain recruits messages, he says.

“ Although we are not going to cure the illness, by using the Power Plate to stimulate the reflexes we can improve the synergy of the nerve fibres that are unaffected and slow the effects of the illness down.

“It will also have a positive effect on general fitness, muscle strength and wellbeing that can improve the quality of life for these patients.”

Using Power Plate has also shown the potential to improve and assist balance and mobility in the elderly and increase bone density.

Martyn says: “Results of studies have shown that using Power Plate for six weeks is associated with a reduction in the frequency of falls in nursing home residents.”

“It’s also really good post pregnancy for helping to strengthen the pelvic floor and for athletes who are in recovery or who are training for sporting events.”

He adds: “The beauty of Powerplate is that by using it for just 30 minutes you can replicate 90 minutes of traditional resistance training and which in 12 months time would result in an increase in one per cent more bone density.”

Martyn has a word of caution however: “Power Plate has been introduced into a number of commercial gyms but unless they have a member of staff on hand who has been trained in its proper use then it will not be effective.

“There’s no point just going up and standing on it, you need to introduce some resistance to your workout for the muscles to respond and for the machine to have a positive effect.”