Health: Take on the tea round to cuppa load of goodness

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Abi Jackson stirs up support for taking your turn doing the drinks round.

Apparently, 11 per cent of UK workers have never made their colleagues a cuppa, and nearly 20 per cent confess they’ve snuck into the kitchen to make themselves a brew, hoping their workmates won’t notice.

According to Russell Hobbs, who commissioned the survey to launch their new super-quiet Buckingham kettle, 20 per cent of workers reckon they’re just too busy to sort the drinks out.

But they shouldn’t miss out, as the humble tea round has all kinds of wellbeing benefits.

Staring at a screen for long periods can contribute to eye strain, headaches and dry eye syndrome and experts recommend giving our eyes regular breaks even if it just means looking away from the screen for a couple of minutes and gazing at something in the distance instead. Get up to put the kettle on a couple of times a day, and your eyes and head will thank you for it.


It’s not only our eyes and heads that can suffer – our bodies weren’t really designed to spend all day working at a desk, and it’s contributing to a rise in obesity, posture problems, backache and other musculoskeletal complaints. Getting up from your desk a few times a day can really help. It might not seem like much, but even a short walk over means your circulation’s being given a much-needed boost and your limbs and joints are moving. So don’t shy away from those big rounds – you could even do some quick stretches while the kettle boils.


Tea makes everything better, and there’s plenty of science that backs up the fact that tea can help us feel calm and less stressed. It’s not just the contents of our mugs working its magic, but the very act of taking a little breather and diverting your attention away from that overwhelming to-do list. This can be extremely beneficial, helping rebalance and refocus the mind, possibly resulting in greater productivity as you’ll be less frazzled.


This relates to productivity levels too – tea rounds help ensure we stay well hydrated. Never underestimate the impact of being dehydrated, it can make us feel physically rubbish and can affect concentration levels. So forgetting to drink, or ignoring your thirst because you’re too busy is very counterproductive. You’ll get things done more efficiently and to a better standard if you just look after your basic needs and drink plenty of fluids.


Even little interactions with people around us can have a significant impact on our sense of wellbeing. Nobody is too busy to say: ‘Fancy a cuppa?’ every once in a while. Life - and work - can be a lonely place for many people. The small gesture of including somebody in a tea round could really brighten their day, as well as your own. Plus, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere is never a bad thing. Productivity and staff loyalty might increase too – bosses take note.

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