Health: ‘Sexercise’ song is a step too far

Superdrug releases first music track sex aid to help couples "get athletic" in the bedroom.
Superdrug releases first music track sex aid to help couples "get athletic" in the bedroom.
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Call me old fashioned, but a musical sex aid to help couples “get athletic” in the bedroom is a step too far.

Health and beauty retailer Superdrug’s latest workout, dubbed the world’s first ever ‘sexercise’ music track, sounds like a tongue-in-cheek recipe for disaster.

The prospect of turning the lights down low and throwing on a workout song, which apparently has been developed in line with a carefully choreographed sex routine to ensure optimum calorie burn, is just plain odd.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no party pooper but I’m pretty sure that donning headphones, or even just going au naturel while listening to a “soft synth tune” and following the beat would soon kill the mood.

Taking the romance out of, well, romance, is unlikely to prove a winner but it certainly sounds pretty entertaining – Superdrug says its free track even incorporates pre-workout stretching as well as a cool down.

From an exercise and wellbeing standpoint, it’s undisputed that there are huge benefits to sex. It’s well documented that sex can act as a form of stress relief and is good aerobic exercise.

While emphasising that the firm encourages customers to practice safe sex, Superdrug claims that the average man burns 101 calories and the average women burns 69 calories during an average 22minute sex session.

Maybe I’m just a cynic but, no matter what the surveys say, if my other half slapped on some synth that built to a crescendo and started doing pre-workout stretches, I’d probably burst out laughing.


According to research, the average length of a continuous sex session between couples in the UK is 22minutes 48seconds.

UK couples have sex an average of 1.88 times per week.

Around 80 per cent of UK couples say they are prepared to change their sexual routine it if would help them keep fit or lose weight.

The average man burns 101 calories per average sex session.

The average woman burns 69 calories per average sex session.

You can stream the new sexercise track on Spotify for free or download it for free from www.superdrug.com/sexercise.