Health: Experts reveal their post-holiday boosts

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Sometimes coming back home is the real pleasure, says Abi Jackson.

On the train home from the airport recently, tired from the journey and a week of French wine, bread and cheese, something rather interesting happened.

“I can’t wait to get home to the cat,” I said.

“Me too,” my fiance replied. “I’ve missed Josh and Chuck too.”

They’re the blokes on the podcasts he listens to on his morning commute.

So what do you most look forward to coming home to? Here, wellbeing experts reveal their post-holiday joys...

Sharon Shinwell, hypnotherapist

“I look forward to seeing my two grandsons. They are growing so fast and so many changes take place in such a short time, that after being away, they have either whizzed past another milestone, learnt new words or had another adventure they’re dying to tell me about! Not to mention seeing our two sons and their partner/wife too, hearing about their jobs, things they’ve done, people they’ve met. Family is very important to us, and when you don’t see them for a while and you’re out of touch, you realise even more how important they are.”

Danielle Collins, face yoga expert

“I look forward to seeing my friends and family most, but I also love having my own yoga mat, my local health food shop, the spa at the Bath Spa Hotel and working in my business. I feel very grateful to have so many wonderful things at home which make that post-holiday feeling so much easier to bear.”

Nick Jankel-Elliott, psychological coach and founder of Ripe and Ready

“I’m looking forward to getting back into the regular rhythm of daily life, which we have tuned to work for all of us - not too much work, not too much play. I urge my coaching clients to invest real effort in finding their rhythm. No person’s is the same, so it’s key that people find one that really flows with their energy, their intentions, their need for sleep and their ambitions. I also look forward to getting back to our regular food, exercise and meditation cycle.”

Henrietta Norton, founder of Wild Nutrition

“I have just returned from a couple of weeks away and I was most excited about coming back to my comfortable bed (which I would take with me if I could fit it in the suitcase!), and the good old casserole pot which I have scrubbed down in preparation for the seasonal hot-pots I will be making this autumn. Oh, and I look forward to a bath if I have been subjected to a camping holiday!”

Hugh Hanley, national personal training manager at Virgin Active

“I love my holidays as a chance to chill and eat. On holiday, as with most people, I tend to move less and eat more, which is what they’re about. But by the end I tend to feel sluggish and my trousers have tightened, so my focus shifts to my goals and getting back into my routine and some structure. After a break, I get super-excited to get back to the routine and progress towards my goals.”

Middleton Park, Leeds.

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