Health: Duo are all souped up and ready to roll

SOUPERMEN: Levi Fowler and Daniel Robinson who have started a healthy soups business Soup'd Up from the Google Digital Garage.
SOUPERMEN: Levi Fowler and Daniel Robinson who have started a healthy soups business Soup'd Up from the Google Digital Garage.
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It may be summer but that doesn’t mean that a bowl of soup is any less welcome after a hard morning at work.

It makes for a fantastic nutritious meal at any time of year – providing you make it with fresh ingredients and don’t just open a tin – and can form the basis of a weight-loss programme.

Vegetable-based soups are a great option, they combine a high nutrient density with a low energy density which means they provide lots of key nutrients including vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories.

If you like the idea of home-made soup but can’t summon up the energy to make it yourself then the boys at Soup’d Up in Leeds will come to your rescue.

Joint owners of the fledgling business, friends Daniel Robinson and Levi Fowler came up with the concept of not only offering their customers a tasty and nutritious bowl of soup but also giving them the choice of what ingredients they wanted to include.

Daniel said: “It all started a year ago whilst sitting in the office and looking down at our bellies and wondering how long it’d take until we eventually lost sight of everything below our waistline.

“So we went on a mission to try and find food we could eat in and around the workplace that was affordable, convenient, tasty and nutritious. We soon realised that even though there are places that offer you healthy food, you are rarely given the power or control over what goes into the food you buy. ”

The duo have developed a special preparation technique that means most of the essential vitamins and nutrients are not lost in the cooking process.

Customers can choose from the list of ingredients to create their own soup and then watch as it’s made in front of them.

Justine Morris, head of product development said: “We prepare simple soup bases for customers to take and ‘soup up’ with their choice of fresh ingredients and garnishes.”

Daniel and Levi had no previous experience in the business or the culinary world, but have been fortunate to have support and advice from a team of experts including chefs and equipment specialists.

They also approached Google at the Digital Garage at Leeds Dock for digital support for online and social media strategy.

The Google team, were so impressed with their concept that they were invited to operate their pop up stall at the garage where they are currently based.

“Google have been a fantastic growth engine, helping and guiding us in the right direction for everything online; and as big advocates of what they are doing we encourage other business start-ups like us to seek their support by giving a complementary soup to anyone who comes down for a one-to one,” says Daniel.


Blueberries – low in calories and high in nutrients

Goji Berries – contain antioxidants but there is no evidence to support their cancer-beating claims

Oily fish – dieticians advocate this as being particularly good for you

Garlic – a great alternative to salt as a flavouring but no real evidence of health benefits

Green tea – some evidence that drinking it helps cut cholesterol

Dark chocolate – some evidence, that it may help reduce blood pressure