Volunteers see what a difference their help makes

Volunteers from the Kalgidhar Gurudwara Sikh Temple in Leeds came to RAISE to provide food and warm clothing for their homeless clients. Pictured with Resource centre manager Liz Knight. 'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe

VOLUNTEERS from a Sikh temple in Chapeltown spent the day giving out food, toiletries and warm clothing to those who needed it most at a centre helping the homeless.

Members of the Kalgidhar Gurudwara Sikh Temple collected countless item for RAISE at St Anne’s Resource Centre in Woodhouse, which supports people who are rough sleeping or vulnerably housed.

It gives those who need it a place to use a shower, wash clothes, rest and store their belongings, as well as providing towels, toiletries, clothing and underwear.

The charity was contacted by the temple, which last winter opened up to the homeless to offer items they had collected, but didn’t reach as many people as they had hoped.

St Anne’s centre manager Elizabeth Knight said: “They asked if we’d be happy to open up to offer out items they had collected to give to the homeless as people know that we’re here.

“They brought so much - shoes, jackets, coats, food, and things like toothpaste, that had all been collected over the Christmas period.

“It was so nice to have the volunteers come down to help give out what they’d collected, as many people give to charity, but don’t get to see first-hand what a difference it makes.”

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