Leeds friends celebrate four decades of charity support

Friends Rosalind Peters and Fay Eastman have been raising money for 40 years.
Friends Rosalind Peters and Fay Eastman have been raising money for 40 years.
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TWO FRIENDS from Leeds are celebrating four fantastic decades of fundraising.

Rosalind Peters, 67, and Fay Eastman, 73, have raised a staggering £747,370 for Yorkshire Cancer Research since 1959.

The pair are long-standing members of the charity’s Leeds Jewish Committee, which raises around £13,500 every year for the cause.

Rosalind joined the committee two years after her mother died from ovarian cancer.

She said: “In a way, raising money for research into cancer helped with the death of my mother.

“We also enjoyed the community element. Being involved in the charity helped to bring Jewish people in Leeds together.”

Fay joined after attending events with her husband. Her aunt and great-niece have also battled the disease.

She said: “I can’t do as much as I used to but we still get a great feeling when we’ve raised a lot of money. There’s a satisfaction in knowing we are making progress in the fight against cancer.

“All being well, we’ll be here for years to come.”

One of the most memorable moments for Rosalind and Fay was a huge concert that they organised in the 1970s at Leeds Town Hall, which featured the Mannecor Choir from Holland.

They have since helped with the Jewish Women of the Year Awards, collections and tennis tournaments. For more, visit www.ycr.org.uk.

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