Family of the Week: The Lawsons

Alistair with wife Louise, Beatrice, two, and Heath, 10-months.
Alistair with wife Louise, Beatrice, two, and Heath, 10-months.
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If your world revolves around your family, we want to know. Today we hear from Alistair Lawson who lives in Roundhay with wife Louise and children Beatrice and Heath. Alistair founded the blog, which provides motivational support and inspiration to help people achieve their goals.

Top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

Threaten with no stories before bedtime!

What’s the weirdest thing the kids have done to your house?

More our nephew, when he decided while drawing on the easel to continue his masterpiece on the walls!

What’s the funniest thing your children have ever said?

Just the other day when asking Beatrice to pass Daddy a bag of screws, she said “here’s the monkeys”!

What family task takes you the longest?

Probably breakfast.

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

I think trying to find time to spend as husband and wife.

What’s your favourite family day out?

Anything outdoors.

Most treasured memory?

Recognising Beatrice’s cry from the moment Louise was on the way back from theatre.

Typical evening once the kids are in bed?

Reading, trying to get a bit of work done, cleaning. Exciting stuff!

What hobbies do you enjoy?

We both enjoy running and if I ever get the chance to get to the beach I like to pretend to be a surfer. I’m not that good but it’s great fun all the same.

What is Leeds’ most family-friendly restaurant?

We like the Olive Branch on Street Lane. The staff in there are so accommodating and always really happy to do all they can to make your meal great. Their chef’s specials are also great.

Best thing about weekends?

Spending time as a family.

The kids’ favourite meal?

Spaghetti bolognese

Top penny-pinching tip?

Supermarket hopping! Find out what you like from where and get what you can from the cheaper options.

One family member’s proudest achievement?

I ran an ultra marathon in Devon earlier this year which was 37.5 miles and later this year I’m cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours.

Favourite children’s book?

We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

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