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If your world revolves around your family, we want to know. We’ve put together a few questions to give us a sneaky peek into your lives.

This week we hear from Amanda Green, who lives in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, with husband Martin and their two daughters Imogen and Freya. Martin is a residence manager at University of Leeds and Amanda is a care assistant.

Top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

If anyone has any please let me know! Getting out of the house is a battle on a school day. Giving the girls plenty of time to do things, eat breakfast, get dressed etc. makes a big difference. Asking them to do anything in a rush is a recipe for disaster. And making sure they have plenty of sleep – when Imogen is tired she gets very stubborn!

Have your children ever really surprised you?

Imogen, our eldest, can sometimes be shy but she has amazing self-confidence. On holiday last year she hit the karaoke with no nerves whatsoever and she won a class poetry competition at school and had to perform in front of the school. Both things that would send my knees to jelly but she loved it!

Most treasured memory?

Imogen was an IVF baby and we weren’t sure if we would be able to have any more. Finding out we were having Freya was like winning the lottery, we were elated!

What’s the funniest thing the children have said?

The girls come out with funny words all the time. Freya calls flamingoes “funny mingoes” and Yorkshire Sculpture Park is “Helter Skelter Park”. I will be sad when they stop using their funny words!

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

Everyone says it changes your life but until you have children you don’t realise to what extent. Putting their needs before your own is hard work and the lack of “me time” hits you hard but obviously it is so worth it and you get such a lot back.

Proudest achievement?

Imogen was born 10 weeks early and was only 3lb 4oz – you would never know it now, she’s a tall girl. Last year she ran the Jane Tomlinson Junior and Mini Charity Race and raised over £200 for St James’s Neonatal Unit to say thank you. We are all so grateful for the amazing work they do.

What’s your essential item?

The kitchen calendar. Between work appointments, the girls’ numerous party invitations, dentists’ and doctors’ appointments, holidays etc. we wouldn’t know where we were without it.

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