Consumer: Yorkshire shoppers are brand obsessed

Yorkshire people tend to stick to the same brands.
Yorkshire people tend to stick to the same brands.
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Yorkshire shoppers could be more committed to their favourite food brands than they are to their partners.

When asked what they have been doing longer than they have been married, 48 per cent of people admitted they were brand obsessed. 24 per cent of married women admitted having a longer relationship with their favourite skin care brand than their other half, while 31 per cent have been drinking the same brand of tea for longer than the relationship.

The study by TopCashback found that 29 per cent of people in Yorkshire and the Humber stick with the same supermarket and a quarter have stuck to the same washing up liquid longer than they have stuck to one partner.

A quarter also said have been seeing the same hairdresser longer that they have been in a relationship.


Single people who were questioned said they would stick to the same brand of tea and use the same toiletries regardless of whether they were in a relationship or not.

Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for TopCashback, said: “Our research shows residents in Yorkshire and the Humber are committed to their favourite brands and service providers, especially with essentials such as washing powder, tea and even their hairdressers.

“However, because Brits don’t shop around or try different products they may be missing out on finding an alternative they like even more and at a cheaper price.

“In a day where supermarkets are constantly in price wars to attract shoppers, big brands are often discounted and there’s less likelihood than you’d think of a difference between one brand and another.

The research also revealed that price is not the main factor that is keeping shoppers loyal. 23 per cent of people questioned said they stick to their favourite brands so they know what they are buying while a further 23 per cent said that the quality of a product was more important than the price.

Other shoppers quoted customer service and loyalty as some of the reasons why they stick to their usual brands.

Ms Smith added: “Shopping online and completing a bit of research before making a purchase can often help consumers save some extra cash.

“There are tons of product review forums on the net that compare like-for-like items against each other. Or if you’re dead set on sticking to your favourites, Brits can also use the TopCashback ‘Snap and Save’ feature to get cashback in-store on their top choice household brands.”


1. Coca Cola is the nation’s favourite brand, according to sales. The firm sells more than four billion bottles and cans in Britain every year.

2. Warburtons produces more than two million loaves, wraps, crumpets, pancakes and bread rolls every day.

3. Walkers is Britain’s third favourite brand. It is part of the PepsiCo firm, which generates sales of more than £1b every year.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk - a massive 350 million bars of the nation’s favourite chocolate are sold every year.

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