Consumer: Tops tips for choosing new school uniforms

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With less than a fortnight to go until Leeds youngsters head back to school, parents are being given a helping hand when it comes to buying their uniforms.


Schoolwear specialist has devised a series of tips and a new sizing guide to help parents get maximum value from the children’s kit.

Here’s director Carolyn Budding’s ten top tips:

1. It’s a good idea to use a size guide rather than choose clothes by age. The age guides in some uniform items tend to be based on height alone.

2. Buying cheap can mean buying twice. Work out which items you can afford to spend a bit more on and avoid paying again further down the road.

3. If you want to buy uniform which will last, make sure you leave some growing room.

4. If the school allows different colour options always go for the darker shade. Spills, stains and marks are much more visible on lighter coloured clothing.

5. One of the easiest and simplest tricks to help extend the life of school uniform is to cover it up with aprons, tabards and wipe-clean smocks when children are taking part in practical lessons.

6. To get rid of mud stains on white tops, soak in a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda before washing.

7. Turn dark coloured clothing inside out before washing and store away from direct sunlight to combat fading.

8. Soak a biro stain in milk before washing. Ink stains can be removed by covering with hairspray and then blotting with a paper towel.

9. Iron-on patches are an easy way to make small repairs, while iron-in naming labels are a popular method of making sure every item has your child’s name on it.

10. Easy-care fabrics and Teflon coatings are great for busy parents. Teflon helps prevent stains while the easy-care fabrics tend to require less rigorous washing and ironing.

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