Consumer: Quick change is all the fashion for consumers

Brits are splashing the cash to avoid the ultimate fashion faux pas.
Brits are splashing the cash to avoid the ultimate fashion faux pas.
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In the age of social media, the risk of being spotted in an outfit twice has never been higher and now research suggests fashion-conscious Britons are spending millions of pounds to avoid the ultimate faux pas.

More than one in four people questioned for a poll admitted to buying new clothes just to avoid being “tagged” more than once wearing the same look.

Almost one in five said they would refuse to wear something for a second time if they knew there was a chance of their sartorial repetition being spotted online.

The research showed men were more conscious of the risk, spending an average of £61 to guard against outfit “multi-tagging”, with women spending £53.50.

TK Maxx, which commissioned the poll, estimated that it means that £815m is being spent by Britons to “social-media proof” their wardrobes.

The poll also revealed how much of an influence social media has on fashion choices.

More than a third of respondents said that seeing what others wear on sites inspires them to try something new.

Nearly three in ten credited social media with helping them to decide what to buy and how to wear it, while 18 per cent said they always make sure they look stylish for pictures on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Style blogger Lily Melrose said social media has “totally changed the face of fashion today and the way we shop”.

She said: “Instagrammers and bloggers are undoubtedly the new tastemakers of obtainable and relatable style. The beauty of social sharing sites is that you can be inspired by such a wide range of people, from your friends, bloggers, celebrities and family.

She added: “On social media there is something for everyone as unique and individual looks are celebrated and shared. I can’t count the times I’ve been inspired by another blogger or someone on my Instagram page to try something new.”