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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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Have you made a New Year’s resolution to get a grip on your finances?

Save some, spend less than you earn and invest for the future. There won’t be many of you out there who don’t know these basics of good money management. There will be fewer of you who are actually doing these things.

So often it is our money habits, beliefs and behaviours that hold us back.

If you’ve been reading this column for a while you will already know something about using money types as a way of understanding and changing our money patterns.

The money warrior likes to take charge and work towards goals. To grasp your finances you’ll need to kick your own personal money warrior into action and keep her moving throughout the year. Keeping going is the challenge as your other money types pop up to try to sabotage your progress.

STEP 1: Start to keep a money journal. Start to notice the thoughts and feelings which arise as you think about getting a grasp of your finances. What have you got that will help you take charge? What ways might you sabotage yourself?

To remind yourself of the money types visit the Money Quiz on my website.

Next week I’ll be talking about setting SMART goals for your money.

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