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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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By now the Christmas decorations will have come down.

New Year resolutions will have been made. Life will be getting back to normal. Why then, when you thought Christmas was over, am I talking about Ebenezer Scrooge again?

I’m a fan of Ebenezer because his story has so many lessons in it. His journey to view the past, present and future gave him the motivation and will to change. The lessons aren’t only for the tight fisted tyrant money types amongst us, but for others who want to feel better about how we use money.

Why not take a look at Christmas just past to see how it is affecting your present so you can do something to change the future.

Christmas Past: How would you describe how you were with money over the Christmas period?

Christmas Present: The date may have gone but you may still have a money hangover e.g. Have you overspent or maxed out the credit card? Looking back if you could change one thing about what you did with money over the Christmas period what would it be?

Christmas Future: Looking forward how important on a scale of 0-10 is it to do that one thing differently next year?

Back to the present: What is one step you could take right now to move you towards that change?

Now take it!

Redundancy: its not the end of the world!

Column: Redundancy: it’s not the end of the world!