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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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It’s the final post on Money Types before Christmas.

Last week Scrooge provided a lesson in how it’s possible to move from being a tyrant with money, through understanding past money experiences and using that knowledge, to creating a better future.

This week Carrie Anne the ‘Creator Artist’ is here to teach us something about money. She will use her skills and talents to come up with something really creative for Christmas. A good one to have on your money team, spirit and creativity are important to her and she’s able to find unique ways to solve financial issues.

If you tend towards the characteristics of a creator artist money type, you’ll recognise words like non-materialistic, truth seeker and authentic. You might also recognise words like conflicted and passive when it comes to money.

Creator Artists like Carrie Anne can unconsciously cut off the flow of money in their lives, making it more difficult to be financially successful. The conflict between enjoying some of the beautiful things money can buy at the same time believing that money is bad or sullies the beauty of things can be a constant battle.

Tip: Whether or not you celebrate Christmas tomorrow spend some time appreciating what positive things money has brought into your life.

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