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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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“Merry Christmas, Uncle” “Bah! Humbug! What right do you have to be merry? You’re poor enough.”

“What right do you have to be dismal? You’re rich enough”

“Bah!” said Scrooge again. “Humbug!”

–A Christmas Carol

Scrooge is a classic ‘Tyrant’, one of eight money types and ways of being with money covered in this column. Rigid, controlling, critical and judgemental, he suffers from ‘chronic not enoughness’ so much so that he even deprives himself of comforts he could well afford.

In the story, Ebenezer is transported back to his bleak childhood by the Ghost of Christmas Past where the roots of his meanness and miserliness took hold. His next teacher. the Ghost of Christmas Present, provides a glimpse of how his spiritually impoverished life can be different, before the Ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge what his future will look like if he doesn’t change.

These experiences stir him to change, and Scrooge is transformed into a kind and generous man. Scrooge is a fictional character, but some of us can get caught up in Scrooge-like ways often without realising. Fear that there isn’t enough is often at the bottom of it.

Tip: Practice simple acts of random kindness and spread a smile.

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