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Helen Collier
Helen Collier
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Last week I wrote about Wendy the Warrior who at her best is disciplined, confident and wise when it comes to money.

You’ve also met Iris the Innocent who tends to keep her head firmly in the sand.

This week it’s Frank the Fool who’s got a mix of qualities from the two.

Like Iris he can be financially irresponsible and not pay attention to the detail.

At the same time he’s got the get up and go of Wendy and he’s fearless.

This mix can be lethal for Frank as his attention goes in to the excitement of finding financial short cuts to riches. He’s not particularly interested in the money itself. He enjoys the thrill of the chase.

This is where the old adage ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ starts to rear its head.

As he doesn’t do detail he can lose it just as quickly as he makes it.

He’s resilient though; the words of Chumbawumba fit him nicely ‘I get knocked down but I get up again’.

If this seems a little bit like you, you have great potential to become a Money Magician and who wouldn’t want this?

So if you’re feeling punch drunk why not try this:

Make a list of what you’ve been putting off

Take deep breath

Choose one thing now that you will do

Do it

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