Consumer: Leeds workers urged to ‘reclaim lost lunch hour’

Trinity Leeds surveyed city workers.
Trinity Leeds surveyed city workers.
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A survey of workers in Leeds has found 62 per cent of people do not take their full lunch break entitlement.

The average amount of time taken at lunch in the city is 35 minutes - less than half of workers’ official entitlement - and over a third take this at their desk without venturing outside.

In Leeds, 29 per cent of people also do not meet friends, family or partners during lunch breaks, even once a month, but when asked if they could reclaim their five hours a week to add onto their weekend, almost half said they would use it to spend time with their family. The survey was commissioned by Trinity Leeds shopping centre to launch their ‘Lost Lunch Hours’ campaign, encouraging workers in the city to reclaim their lunch break. Figures at the shopping centre show footfall is 26 per cent quieter between the hours of 12-2pm on a weekday compared to a Saturday.

Paul Smith, marketing manager at Trinity Leeds, said: “It’s crazy to see the small amount of people that actually take their full lunch break in Leeds despite the city’s amazing offering, instead choosing to give hundreds of free hours to their employers over the course of their careers.

“Through our campaign we aim to encourage people of Leeds to reclaim their lost lunch break, whether it’s to catch up with friends, do the food shopping or pampering themselves at the hair or beauty salon, freeing up their weekends from things that can easily be done in an hour’s break from work.”


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