Consumer: Hungry office workers can’t help hamming it up

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A new study into the eating habits of office workers has found that three in ten of us tuck into EXACTLY the same thing for lunch each work day without fail.

The nationwide survey, commissioned by Lurpak, showed 72 per cent of workers in Leeds eat an identical lunch each day with 10 per cent doing so for at least 15 years.

That’s the equivalent of eating over 3,000 identical lunches.

The study found that in Leeds, ham sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and salad were among the most common choices. The classic cheese sandwich was the most popular choice overall in the UK.

Food psychologist Greg Tucker said: “The repetition of eating the same food every day can provide reassurance and stability.

“However we all have an innate desire for exploration and would benefit from shaking things up.”

Across the UK we spend £7.5bn on sandwiches each year, the study found.