Consumer: Holiday spending habits are revealed

HOLIDAY HABITS: Tourists in Spain choose Sangria over shopping.
HOLIDAY HABITS: Tourists in Spain choose Sangria over shopping.
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Holidaymakers in Leeds are most likely to travel to Spain for sangria while shopping fans will head to America, according to new research.


My Travel Cash has revealed that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of tourists from the city holiday in Spain while 30 per cent are heading for winter sport destinations and 21 per cent travel to the US.

The survey from the prepaid currency card provider shows how travellers will spend their money differently depending on where they go on holiday.

Those who head to Spain are more likely to splash the cash on food, with travellers tempted by the tapas and sangria. Tourists spend an average of £33 on every transaction being spent in restaurants and bars.

Holidaymakers who head to the US prioritise luxury gifts and purchases – spending less on food and more in clothing and shoe stores. The average spend was £45 per card swipe in American shoe stores and £54 per transaction in clothing stores.

Ian Johnson, director of sales at My Travel Cash, said: “The research has given us really interesting insights into the different destinations of choice for holidaymakers in the UK along with their spending habits. Our statistics show that many people from Leeds are likely to travel to Spain this year to enjoy the local cuisine. Whatever they are choosing to spend their hard earned cash on, my Travel Cash Prepaid Currency Cards are an easy way to carry money abroad.”

Surprisingly, the research also showed that men are spending more currency than women nationally, with nearly a third of all My Travel Cash transactions being made by 20 to 29-year-old men.

The most popular venues 
for spending was restaurants, with one single transaction (taking place in a luxury 
New York eatery) accounting 
for several thousands of pounds.

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Further research from Post Office Money Credit Cards has shown that holiday makers will spend an estimated £6bn on their credit cards abroad this summer. Forty-five per cent of those in the Yorkshire and Humberside who holidayed abroad last summer used their credit card while 43 per cent are planning to do so in 2015.

The most common reasons for using a credit card on holiday was to pay for a night out (39 per cent), paying for attractions (37 per cent) and duty free purchases (34 per cent).

John Willcock, head of credit cards, said “There has been a big leap in the number of people using their credit cards abroad, with some seeing it as a safe and easy way to pay. However, while it is great to indulge in some family fun, it is important not to forget that it is still ‘real’ money.”


Holiday makers will spend an estimated £6bn on their credit cards abroad this summer.

The figures show that 59 per cent splash out 
an average of £420 per person.

27 per cent using their card to increase their spending money.

18 per cent keeping it handy for when they run out of money.

A further 18 per cent will not have checked how much they will be charged for using their card abroad.