Consumer: Helen Collier Money Talk Column - Not a time to be Scrooge

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If any of you out there sometimes feel like ‘Scrooge’ during the festive season or know someone who fits the bill, this one is for you.

Scrooge is famous for being miserable and mean.

In money coaching terms he suffers from what I call ‘chronic not enoughness.’

At the beginning of the story he’s got it so bad that he even deprives himself of comforts he could well afford.

What unfolds, through the visits from the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future, is the story of a man who had a bleak and miserable childhood. This is where the roots of his meanness took hold.

The ghosts show him more than this. He gets to see what life will be like if he carries on as he has always done. Then having a glimpse of how life can be different, he sees what’s missing when he focuses only on the money. As in all good fairy stories it ends happily as Scrooge is transformed into a kind and generous man.

Ebenezer is a fictional character, but some of us can get caught up in Scrooge like ways often without realising. Fear that there isn’t enough is often at the bottom of it.

So this Christmas whether there is a little or a lot why not practice simple acts of random kindness – they don’t cost a thing.