Consumer: Go it alone to save money on shopping

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Shoppers who want to save money should leave their partners at home, according to new research.

More than half (53 per cent) of people in Yorkshire and the Humber have admitted spending more when they are out shopping with friends and family – with 48 per cent saying they spend the most when with their partners.

Not surprisingly, it seems women are the worst influence, with 82 per cent of men saying they splash more cash when out with their wife or girlfriend. But 30 per cent of women say their are more sensible when shopping with their other half. 16 per cent of women admit to shelling out up to 30 per cent more when on girlie shopping trips while even blokes admitted to handing over a third more money when browsing the shops with their friends.

Cash conscience shoppers should consider taking along their mum or dad, as the survey - by TopCashback.co.uk - found that one in five people reduce their spending by 13 per cent when accompanied by their parents.

When it comes to taking your children shopping, 18 per cent of parents admit spending more money. Mums are most likely to give into their children’s demands, going over budget by 19 per cent.

This is compared to dads - just three per cent say they end up spending more than they planned, at around 15 per cent over budget.

Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for TopCashback, said: “Sticking to a budget may seem mundane but it’s the best way to have control over money. We’re all probably guilty of making impulse purchases now and then, especially when a friend or family member has helped convince us it’s a great buy, but there are lots of ways to stay in power.

“My top tip for Yorkshire and the Humber residents is to organise their spending by creating a budget before they venture out for shopping trips. Another safety-net is to leave credit and bank cards at home; only take the cash you plan to spend that day. Also, scanning all the shops first and then sitting down for a coffee afterwards to consider potential purchases can often give clarity on what you actually want and need.

“Finally, browsing on the high-street and then making the purchase online will usually save consumers money. By clicking through TopCashback shoppers can save, on average, seven per cent when making purchases – and they can do this with thousands of retailers. Many provide free delivery plus online discount codes can often be used at the same time too, which cuts the cost of shopping even further.”

Go it alone to save money on shopping

Set a budget and make sure you stick to it.

Shop around for the best prices.

Use outlet stores.

Get money back by using cashback sites like www.topcashback.co.uk. The site includes 4,300 merchants, from high street big names to smaller sellers. Consumers effectively get, on average, a 7 per cent discount on each transaction they make simply by clicking through to their chosen retailer via the Top Cashback site.

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