Consumer: Christmas named as one of winter’s woes

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‘Tis not the season to be jolly, according to new research that has revealed Christmas is one of the most hated parts of winter.

A massive 44 per cent of people admitted to being wound up by the festive season’s marketing campaigns, songs and present buying.

With the UK preparing for what could be the coldest winter in 50 years, the survey by revealed that the top five pet hates are getting the flu or a cold (71 per cent), high energy bills (49 per cent), how dark it is in the mornings (49 per cent), bad weather (45 per cent) and Christmas (44 per cent).


Hating the festive season topped slipping on ice (in at number six with 38 per cent) or how cold it is at home (in seventh place with 33 per cent).

Additional moans include getting up early to de-ice the car (25 per cent) and bad television (9 per cent).

When it comes to winter fashion, people are twice as likely to grumble about people wearing summer clothes in winter (13 per cent) than they are seeing pets in jumpers (five per cent).

Many residents are starting to get themselves and their homes ready for the colder months but just six per cent said they would do so by switching energy supplier to cut costs. Instead, people questioned said they were more likely to turn on the heating (51 per cent), swap to a warmer duvet (38 per cent) and replace summer clothes for jumpers (26 per cent).

Tom Lyon, energy expert at, says: “As a nation we love to moan, especially about our long list of winter woes. Almost half of consumers get annoyed by cold weather and high energy bills, yet just one in 20 switch energy provider to prepare for winter. Changing supplier only takes a matter of minutes and can save an average of £295 a year – putting cash back into your pocket to help pay for Christmas gifts or the odd winter-warming hot toddy.”

The rest of the top 20 winter woes are:

8. Getting up early to de-ice the car.

9. Feeling miserable.

10. Clocks going back.

11. Everyone’s grumpy.

12. People being dramatic about bad weather conditions.

13. Drivers slithering around in the snow, blocking routes.

14. People wearing summer clothes and then complaining that they’re cold.

15. More parents clogging up roads by driving children to school.

16. Commuting or train delays.

17. Rubbish on the TV.

18. Trying to use your phone while wearing gloves.

19. Having to carry an umbrella everywhere.

20. The cost of going out.

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