City Buzz: Will you brave Leeds’ new 100ft ride?

The new North Pole Star Flyer.
The new North Pole Star Flyer.
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We all try and act cool when we’re at a theme park with our friends and put on a brave face for the big scary rides.

But that facade came crumbling down when I was invited onto the new 100ft ride at the Ice Cube on Millennium Square yesterday.

Not having much time to think about it, and whilst in front of several media crews, councillors and official-looking types at the press launch, I hopped on the ride not really thinking about the consequences. Which, in this case, involved councillor Lucinda Yeadon putting up with a few screams in her direction, me clinging on to the bars like there was no tomorrow, and generally losing all dignity and any vague sense of professionalism I may have once had.

The ride is genuinely terrifying, and spins you round at 30m high with the city whizzing past under your feet.

As a fan of Thorpe Park, Lightwater Valley, Alton Towers and the like, I can normally stomach a rollercoaster.

But this was a bit too much even for me.

Try it if you dare,but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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