VIDEO: World's Strongest Man Eddie 'The Beast' Hall vows to hammer Thor at Leeds First Direct Arena

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The World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall today vowed to hammer arch rival Thor and set another world record at Europe's Strongest Man event at Leeds First Direct Arena on April 7.

Eddie, aged 30, know as 'The Beast', plans to log press an elbow crunching 230kg - which is 507lbs, or over 36st.

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Europe's Strongest Man contest is back at the Leeds venue where Eddie set the sport's most iconic world record as the first ever in strongman events to deadlifted half a tonne, or 500kg.

Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus 'Thor' Björnsson - The Mountain in Game Of Thrones - is his biggest adversary and claims he was robbed of the 2017 world title by one point.

Eddie, who says he won fair and square, rubbed salt in the wounds when he renamed the competition's Thor Hammer as The Beast hammer - used in an event where the winner holds a viking warrior shaped 25kg hammer with outstretched arms for the longest time.

On a visit to meet staff at event and venue sponsors First Direct Bank, he told them to bank on him to hammer Thor.

"That's the plan. I'm going to dominate. It's not Thor's Hammer any more. It's The Beast Hammer," said Eddie, from Stoke, in our exclusive Facebook Live video chat - watch in full for a chance to win a pair of tickets at

"The last time we saw each other there was a bit of sour grapes between us. I won the World's Strongest Man and he came second by a narrow point. I suppose we've got a score to settle.

"There's massive anticipation - it's going to be one of the most fierce battles ever to be seen in strongman I can guarantee you that at the First Direct Arena.

"Fans can in deed bank on The Beast. What I say is what I do. I've always delivered and what I do want to deliver at Europe's Strongest Man is the log press world record. I want to press 230kg above my head, may be more. I will own all the world records in strongman to solidify as one of, if not the strongest man in history.

"The half a tonne deadlift was the most iconic lift in history.

"When I pulled that at the First Direct Arena I had 12,000 people on their feet screaming at me.

"To come and watch this live, to feel the atmosphere is electric and makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. That's why people pay to come and see this live. You can almost feel the weights for the athletes.

"Strongman was once a car park sport. Sponsors are key in almost every sport. We re self funded and it's these sponsors, like First Direct Bank, who give us the opportunities to move into the big arenas."

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