TV preview: Undeniable

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If the fact that this thriller is written by acclaimed writer Chris Lang isn’t enough to make you drop what you’re doing and tune in, will the likes of renowned actors Claire Goose and Peter Firth signed up to the lead roles do it?

Yes, we thought that might get your attention.

ITV presses ahead with the latest in a long line of fantastic dramas with this gripping two-parter about Jane Phillips (Goose) who thinks she’s recognised her mother’s murderer 23 years after the unsolved crime took place.

Jane was just seven years old at the time of the brutal attack, which she survived, but left her mother dead – and the killer was never found.

Fast forward, and now Jane is pregnant with her second child, and as she attends an antenatal clinic, she claps eyes on the man she’s adamant is responsible for her mother’s death. But Andrew Rawlins (Firth) is in fact a well-respected consultant oncologist and Jane has wrongly identified suspects before.

As Andrew is suspended and enquiries get under way, inconsistencies crop up in both Andrew and Jane’s testimonies, and the strain of the accusation is pushing both their families to breaking point.

It’s quite the story, and even Claire, who’s no stranger to hard-hitting drama, having starred in Casualty, Waking the Dead and Hustle, admits it was hard-going at times filming scenes for the new drama.

“It is such a moving piece and very emotional,” says Claire. “I seem to cry a lot, even in scenes when I’m not talking I tend to cry because I find all the words overwhelming. You really feel for her because it’s consumed her life.

“A lot of the evocative scenes were filmed within Jane and Rob’s house. I think that really helped me as it kept the focus in that one place. During filming I kept saying to Felix [who plays husband Rob], ‘I’m not going to cry in this scene’, cut to me just welling up!”

However, she does equate all that emotion to such a fantastic script.

“It was just the most amazing script,” Claire explains. “I remember the first time I read it I was at home. I finished and turned to my husband and said, ‘it’s such a great part!’ Straight away I had a massive emotional connection with the character. I thought, ‘I get her’ and I knew exactly how I’d want to approach playing her.”

Writer Chris Lang is responsible for other big hitters like A Mother’s Son and The Reckoning, so Claire knew she was in good hands with his work.

She says: “What’s most interesting about the drama is that it’s not just one person that’s affected, it’s everyone. They are all affected in different ways – some relationships break down and some relationships become stronger because of it.

“By setting the drama within a family unit I think a lot of people will identify with the characters and how it might be if those things happened to them. That is why Chris’s work is so powerful.”

Christine Bottomley, Pippa Heywood and Robert Pugh co-star.


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