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Russell Kane  is supporting Stand Up To Cancer.
Russell Kane is supporting Stand Up To Cancer.
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Imagine if you could get a celebrity to do whatever you wanted - who would you choose? Maybe Brad Pitt could clean out your cat’s litter tray, or Madonna could come round and bleed your radiators.

Maybe Brad Pitt could clean out your cat’s litter tray, or Madonna could come round and bleed your radiators. It’s a concept which is either going to make for utterly dreadful or completely compelling television - it really could go either way.

However, since it’s Channel 4 who are the network behind the idea, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and bank on it being the latter. After all, this is the station which brought us Gogglebox, which should by rights have been one of the worst TV shows extant but which actually turned out to be terrific fun.

An additional tick in the ‘plus’ column for this new series is the fact that it’s all in the name of charity - in fact, to be specific, it’s all taking place as part of the Stand Up to Cancer fundraising campaign.

SU2C has already given us one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the year so far with its two-minute “It’s Payback Time” animation, and it also has everyone from Alan Carr and Davina McCall to the cast of Hollyoaks signed up to help out. Plus, of course, it’s dedicated to eradicating one of the most feared diseases in the world. As far as we’re concerned, it can do no wrong.

Okay, so Brad and Madge might not be on the books as celeb helpers, but Russell Kane, Union J and Ollie Locke are - and this week comedian Kane is helping cancer patient Jayne to complete her ‘Happy Days Challenge’ wish list, while popsters Josh, George, JJ and Jaymi of Union J don aprons and hairnets to become dinner ladies at a primary school, and posh reality star Ollie undertakes a gruelling assault course challenge.

At time of writing new stars are getting involved all the time, and viewers who would like a helping hand from a famous face can go on the Channel 4 website and make a request for the current crop of eager-to-help celebs. Of course, it would help if you made a donation while you were there...

Russell explained how it all works as he undertook his duties: “Today I’ve been at Jayne’s service. She put in a request for me at the Stars at Your Service website, and here I am. I’m doing this for Stand Up To Cancer, and now I’m asking you to do your bit in the fight against the disease. Please support us and donate if you can to help beat cancer.”

You really can’t say fairer than that (although maybe you could get a celebrity to say it for you).


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