TV preview: Singer Takes It All

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Oh look, it’s just what we were all crying out for - another new TV talent show.

But before you get start getting too cynical, this new singing contest does have a twist, and we’re not talking about chairs that spin round.

Thanks to a real-time interactive app, the viewing public won’t have to listen to the opinions of a panel of expert judges before they are allowed to start voting, but will be able to take complete control of the show themselves.

Perhaps we should let presenter Alan Carr explain it. The Chatty Man says: “When they said it was a singing show, I thought ‘No, no, no!’ But when I saw this app, I thought it felt really different.

“While the singers are performing their song on the show, they’re standing on a conveyer belt called The Track.

“If you like them, you press ‘hit’, if you don’t you press ‘miss’. The more hits they get, they move towards the gold zone, where they could win up to £10,000. Or, if it’s all ‘Misses’, you could disappear backwards through the flaps to a life of misery.”

He adds: “But people can’t vote unless they’ve downloaded the app. Well, they can shout at the telly, but it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference.”

And according to Carr, that’s not the only thing that makes The Singer Take It All stand out.

For a start, unlike certain other TV talent contests we can name, it definitely won’t be taking itself too seriously, or promising to turn anyone into an international superstar.

The comedian says: “We’re not saying ‘Ten million records.’ It’s got the same feel to it as when you do karaoke down the pub - there’s no pressure, just come and have a go.

“And there’s all of that rubbish on the talent shows of ‘I don’t like you...[pause]... I LOVE you!’, ‘You’re a dark horse, ‘This competition just got exciting.’ Here there isn’t any of that, it’s stripped bare. Nobody’s cat has just died.”

What The Singer Takes It All does have though is a celebrity guest who will give a bit of guidance and feedback - and Carr has some practical advice of his own for the would-be warblers. “

I’ve been on the conveyor belt, and it’s very off-putting. When it jolts when you hit a bum note and the audience decides that you’re rubbish, and it starts to move, it’s really tricky. I would wear flat shoes, that would be my hint.”

However, he admits he’s in less of a position to give pointers on vocal technique.

“I can either do really low, like Barry White, or high like the Bee Gees or Kate Bush.

“There’s no happy medium with my voice, I’m afraid. Actually, I wanted to sing a song at the end of the show like Cilla Black did on Surprise, Surprise. Strangely, they said no.”

At least the contestants are guaranteed to be heard, even if they don’t stick around for long.

Singer Takes It All, Channel 4, Friday, 9pm

Pictured, Sagar Radia as Aj Nair, James Floyd as Dr Gabriel Varma, Nimmi Harasgama as Nurse Mari Rodriguez, Darshan Jariwalla as Dr Ram Nair, Amrita Acharia as Dr Ruby Walker, Amanda Redman as Dr Lydia Fonseca, Neil Morrissey as Greg Mcconnell and Philip Jackson as Paul Smart.

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