TV preview: Keith Lemon has key to stars’ homes

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For almost two decades, Through The Keyhole was headed up by the legendary journalist Sir David Frost, alongside his loyal co-host Loyd Grossman.

The series, which granted viewers a sneak peek behind the doors of the rich and famous, was cancelled in 2008 but now it’s making a comeback.

When news of the show’s return hit the headlines, the big question was who would replace Frost, renowned for his grilling of former US president Richard Nixon over the Watergate scandal?

Who could possibly emulate that dulcet tone, easy manner and revered gravitas? Who could engage the panel in friendly jest while encouraging them to guess the celebrity owner of a home from its contents alone?

Why, Keith Lemon of course! The self-proclaimed “strawberry blonde bombshell”, who’s more likely to snog his guests than put the screws on them, with his fruity jokes which often leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Lemon, brought to life by Leeds-born comedian Leigh Francis, is best known for mocking the physical attributes of his long-suffering team captains, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton, on comedy show Celebrity Juice.

But while he’s sure to offer a new twist on proceedings, fans of the original Through The Keyhole will be relieved to know the format remains the same.

In each episode, Lemon will be let loose on three mystery celebrity houses, unearthing clues to the identities of the famous owners, and leaving it up to the all-star panel, including regular panellist Dave Berry, to guess whose it is.

But what about the zany host’s own home? Let’s find out, as we go through Lemon’s keyhole...


“My favourite room is probably me living room. It’s open-plan and I’m in there most of the time. But at the moment it’s probably the bedroom because I’m always knackered.

“All I do is come home and go to bed, then wake up and get dressed and then go through people’s houses. Then go home, go to bed, get up and go through people’s houses.

“Then I go to a studio and have the panel on and they guess whose house it is, and then I interview them and ask them how clean their toilet is. Then I go home and get to bed, so my bedroom is my favourite at the moment.”


“If my house was burning down I would save me Teen Wolf costume. It’s not one you can buy from a fancy dress shop, it’s from the actual film.

“I got it from a props website and the guy said, ‘Is this Keith Lemon from Celebrity Juice?’ and I said, ‘Yeah’, and he said, ‘Well I know you’re a big fan of Teen Wolf so if you say a price we might be able to do a deal’.

“I was shocked that he knew who I was because I expected it to be someone from America and it was a bloke from Leeds. The costume’s in me office and every morning I look at it and think, ‘I followed Teen Wolf as a kid and now I have Teen Wolf’. That’s so weird.”


“I’d love Kylie Minogue to be my neighbour. I met her at the Brit Awards and that was a bit weird. I’d like her and Michael J. Fox to come over to my house.”


“My dream location would be next door to Kylie on one side with Michael J. Fox on the other. Over road would be Nicole Scherzinger and down road there would be a big Topman that has just opened.

“They’re always nice to me in Topman. I go in and they’re like, ‘Keith, we’ve got some nice new jackets in’, and I’ll go, ‘Who would buy them apart from me?’”


“The worst place I ever lived was the B&B I stayed in for two weeks when I first moved to London. The shower was in the middle of the room and you had to tell your friend to leave the room to have a shower.

“But I was really chuffed I was in London. All my mates said, ‘You’re not going to London’, and I said, ‘I am going to London’ and I went to London.

“After that a friend put me up in their house and then I got a flat, and it’s all turned out OK now.”

Through The Keyhole, ITV, August 31, 9.20pm