TV preview: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

SPIN-OFF SERIES: Rob Beckett and Laura Whitmore from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Now!.
SPIN-OFF SERIES: Rob Beckett and Laura Whitmore from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Now!.
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Stick a bunch of C-list celebrities in a jungle, feed them next to nothing, take away their showering facilities, entertainment and cigarettes and make them stand in a box of bugs and what do you get? Addictive television, that’s what!

Yes, I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! might not sound like a winning format, but the reality TV show is celebrating its 13th series this year.

Sat in a clean office, looking pristine and relaxed, are Laura Whitmore and Rob Beckett from the ITV2 spin off series - I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Now!, which also features previous winner, Joe Swash.

Whitmore, the calm and collected Irish beauty, presents the programme and interviews celebrities once they’ve left the jungle and spoken to Ant and Dec.

She’s looking bold, in a brightly coloured top with matching trousers.

“It looks like I’m wearing pyjamas,” she quips.

Beckett is the goofy-looking comedian, who does short stand-up routines taking the mickey out of the contestants.

Today, he’s dressed smartly in shiny loafers, dark trousers, a blue shirt and a blood-red jumper, which he confesses he also wore yesterday.

The pair are about to embark on the 24-hour flight to Australia, with Beckett heading out just before Whitmore, who is going straight from the MTV Europe Music Awards.

He’s not looking forward to the journey.

“It’s lonely on your own, innit?” he says.

Whitmore doesn’t share the sentiment.

“I normally go out with Joe Swash, so it’s actually quite nice to have a bit of quiet time,” she notes.

“I get bored,” Beckett continues. “I try to make friends, but people don’t want to make friends on a flight. Twenty-four hours in your own head - I can’t do that.

“But the worst thing is when the bloke next to you is watching the same film but he started 20 minutes ahead,” he says, launching into a stand-up-esque mime, shielding his eyes from the fictional screen to his right.

As ever, rumours have been flying about which celebrities will appear in the jungle this year - TOWIE’s Joey Essex, former Apprentice contestant Stella English, snooker player Steve Davis and football legend Paul Gascoigne are all contenders - with Gary Lineker’s son, George, recently added to the list.

Unfortunately, the presenters can’t reveal a thing.

“They don’t tell us anything until we get there,” Whitmore says. What they can confirm, though, is that this year things will be tougher for than ever - with the ‘Cyclone Bush Tucker Trial’ set to make an appearance.

“Every year, it’s harder,” says Whitmore.

“Look back at the challenges in series one and all they did was put their hand in a bucket of ants.

“If they’d done what they did last year in the first series, it wouldn’t have been commissioned.”

In fact, the pair point out that the show’s generally harder for the celebrities than viewers might think.

“I thought they were going to be snuck burgers!” Whitmore, 28, confesses.

“I think some of the celebrities don’t realise it either. Last year Helen Flanagan asked to talk to her agent - and obviously she couldn’t.”

Being in the jungle is so brutal that the presenters insist they could never do it themselves.

Beckett, 27, unsurprisingly given his dislike of long flights, says the worst thing would be the lack of stimulation.

“Having to talk to the same people every day,” he says. “I get bored well easy, I couldn’t do it.”

So who would they least like to be stuck in the jungle with?

“Probably someone who was moaning,” says Beckett. “But that would be me, so I wouldn’t like to be in there with me - but you have to when you’re you,” he says, chuckling.

Whitmore agrees - she would not want to be stuck in the jungle with Beckett!

“I’d quite like to be in the jungle with Bear Grylls though, because he could just sort it out,” Beckett notes.


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