TV preview - Harry Price: Ghost Hunter

GHOSTLY:  Rafe Spall and Cara Theobold star in Harry Price.
GHOSTLY: Rafe Spall and Cara Theobold star in Harry Price.
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Rafe Spall stars as Britain’s most famed real-life ghost hunter and exposer of fraudulent clairvoyants, Harry Price.

In this 1920s-set drama, Price is approached by an anxious MP. He and his small team of assistants set up their equipment to observe Sir Charles Harwood’s troubled and unhappy wife who is plagued by a mysterious figure and found naked on a London street.

Price is called in to investigate claims the house is haunted. Helped by housemaid Sarah Grey, played by Cara Theobold, he uncovers a dark history surrounding the Finchley home.

While Price will always be linked to the notorious goings-on at Borley Rectory, which was supposedly England’s most haunted house, there is no mention of it in this adaptation of Neil Spring’s novel. The ghost hunter made a name for himself denouncing charlatans and we see him interrupt a fake medium’s stage show, denouncing its attendees for wasting their money.

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter ITV, Dec 27, 8.30pm

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