TV preview: Fostering & Me with Lorraine Pascale

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To get on in TV these days, you need beauty, brains, and in some cases, an ability to cook.

Armies may march on their stomachs, but couch potatoes also love to crash out on the sofa and soak up those loving shots of calorific dinners and yummy desserts.

Little wonder chef, best-selling author and former model Lorraine Pascale is one of TV’s biggest success stories of the past few years.

Pascale is a Jill of all trades. Aside from being a mum to a teenage daughter, in the past she had a go at hypnotherapy and worked as a car mechanic before finding fame in the food department.

BBC Two cookery shows like Baking Made Easy and Home Cooking Made Easy, as well as Sky Living cooking competition My Kitchen Rules, have seen her career go from strength to strength.

However, her main vocation is put on the back burner in Fostering & Me with Lorraine Pascale as she discusses her life as a foster child. She was born in London in 1971; adopted at 18 months, and then went into care aged eight.

Here, Lorraine reflects on the impact fostering had on her life, recounting her experiences of being in care and tracking down the people who looked after her, who she hasn’t seen for more than three decades. With the assistance of Lambeth Council Social Services, Lorraine also meets people at every stage of the fostering process to find out what it takes to be a carer, and what the children think of the current system.

“I believe foster care is the Cinderella of the care world and there is far more emphasis put on adoption,” she explains.

“I’m making this film to throw the spotlight on fostering and hopefully encourage more people to consider it as an option”.

In Britain today a child is placed in foster care every 22 minutes, and those needing homes continues to rise.

In the next 12 months alone, 8,750 new foster families must be found across the UK to avoid a real crisis. Despite this urgency, fostering is still arguably the poor relation of Children’s Services. Adoption often hits the headlines, but only five per cent of all ‘looked after’ children end up being adopted.

Emma Willis, of the BBC says: “Immersive, emotional and powerful, the film will see Lorraine take us back through her childhood in a bid to shine a light on the neglected world of fostering.”

Fostering & me with Lorraine Pascale, BBC2, Thursday 9pm

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