TV preview: Endeavour

Shaun Evans as Endeavour.
Shaun Evans as Endeavour.
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Which familiar faces can we expect to return after the shocking end of series one?

Morse was last seen languishing in jail suspected of murder and his boss, DI Thursday was in a critical condition after being shot in the chest, the future looked bleak for all concerned in Endeavour.

As the second series opens, Oxford’s finest are soon embroiled in a new case – without Morse. Set in March 1967 the first episode starts with a funfair which turns sinister when a young bus conductress goes missing during the night only for her body to be found the next morning in the thickets of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Morse, still suspended from duty pending an enquiry, is not part of the team and we see him angry over the findings of the Blenheim Vale case. At a loose end, he gets together with old college acquaintances including Bruce Belborough and his wife Kay whom he instantly connects with.

However the discovery of the body is too much for Morse to ignore and he starts to carry out a covert investigation of his own. All roads appear to lead to a mysterious playboy. But as other elements of the investigation start to come into focus, Morse finds himself grappling with the shocking ramifications of a disturbing secret, that is hidden in plain sight.

Endeavour, ITV, Sunday, 8pm