TV preview: Birds of a Feather

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Sharon, Tracey and Dorien are back for a one-off festive special – but this time they’re swapping Chigwell for Morocco as they go in search of Tracey’s son Travis, who goes missing during his gap-year travels.

“We said we’d like to do an old-fashioned caper, and we’d like do it abroad!” says Pauline Quirke, 57, who returns as Sharon Theodopolopodous.

“And it’s funny! It’s not just a holiday,” adds Lesley Joseph, 71, who reprises her role as man-eater Dorien Green. “We really hit the ground running and it doesn’t stop. Just about everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.”

“I can’t think of anything that has been on that long that is still attracting audiences, and still essentially female-led. There’s something in the relationship and chemistry between us that has made it work.”

Birds of a Feather, Christmas Eve, ITV, 8pm