TV preview - Back in Time for the Weekend: The 1950s

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Like many modern families, the Ashby- Hawkins home is stuffed full of tablets, computers, phones and gadgets.

But for one summer they agreed to give up all their 21st century technology and travel back in time, to experience the radical transformation of our leisure time since 1950.

The family’s own home becomes their time machine as they are transported back to a different decade each week. Guided by presenter Giles Coren and social historian Polly Russell, the family’s entire experience is underpinned by the Family Expenditure Survey, a government study which ran from the 50s right through to 1999.

In episode one the family enter the 1950s, so it’s goodbye to their flat-screen TV and hello to a piano, darning and a pipe to keep them amused.

Dad Rob finds out that he’s expected to be handy with a tool kit, while mum Steph misses the family’s white goods. Without them, she’s stuck at home for hours with all the washing, cooking and cleaning.

But there are upsides: 16 year-old Daisy gets a chance to learn ballroom dancing, courtesy of Angela Rippon who was a teenager in the 50s, while Seth, 12, discovers the joy of the great outdoors, spam fritters included.