TV interview: Alex Polizzi

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Alex Polizzi is best known for presenting business-based programmes The Hotel Inspector and The Fixer.

She’s now branching out with Alex Polizzi’s Christmas Fix, a one-off programme about making the most of the festive season.

What is Christmas Fix all about?

I’ve gone to see - I don’t know if you’d call them experts - but various ‘proponents’ of the dark arts of Christmas who have encouraged me to really ramp up my decorations. 
I’m going all-out this year. 
I will also be wrapping presents, because I’ve been encouraged to find different ways of doing that, and basically just enjoying the whole period, the whole countdown, trying to be 
really, really organised, so nothing is left until the last minute.

How did the show come about?

I’m not quite sure how it came about! I’m bonkers about Christmas though. I come from a very big family. My mum is one of six, and I’m the eldest grandchild, so for 18 years of my life there were 40 of us at my grandparents’ house. 
Christmas was a very, very big deal. We all did Mass, then Christmas lunch, and then a bonkers opening of presents - as you can probably imagine with all those people. 
Christmas has always been rather a letdown since then, because that was like Christmas on steroids! And that’s what I want again - Christmas on steroids.

Is Christmas different when you’re grown up?

Now I’ve got two kids, it’s really, really fun. I want to make it amazing, particularly for my five-year-old, who’s old enough to be wowed. 
But of course, I’m very OCD so the poor little thing is never allowed to dress a Christmas tree! 
She has her own little Christmas tree in her bedroom that she’s allowed to put all her stuff on, but I insist that only I am allowed to touch the main tree in the living room!

Have you found it difficult to get in a Christmassy mood for filming?

No! I had 13 children to buy for - that includes my own children and my godchildren. Their presents are already wrapped, and having people in the house who know how to do all that makes you feel quite Christmassy.

What’s the highlight of the show for you?

Talking to people whose 
job is to think about Christmas all year round. It’s mad. Imagine having to think about the next Christmas from January!

* Alex Polizzi’s Christmas Fix airs on Thursday, December 19, at 8pm on BBC Two.

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