Interview: Take me home! Paddy reveals he prefers family life to fame

Presenter Paddy McGuinness hosts Take Me Out's seventh series on ITV in January 2015.
Presenter Paddy McGuinness hosts Take Me Out's seventh series on ITV in January 2015.
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Paddy McGuinness may be the nation’s favourite matchmaker, as host of ITV dating show Take Me Out, but at home, romance must take second place to the demands of his lively 13-month-old twins.

“The days seem to go by at 100 miles per hour. They’re gorgeous and a lot of fun but by the time we’ve sorted out their meals, sleeps, and playing, we’re lucky if we get a few hours together in the evening!” reveals the comedian, who’s married to glamorous model, Christine Martin, 25.

“Anyway my wife’s told me that the little things I do which I’ve always thought are romantic actually aren’t. Men and women view these things differently. For me taking her a cup of tea and a piece of toast every morning before she gets up is a romantic gesture, but it’s not for her.

“Perhaps I should stride into the bedroom on a white steed with a slice of toast in my teeth - that would be a start, apparently!”

While parenting may have temporarily curtailed the couple’s loving moments, it’s clear their domestic bliss is a bedrock for the 41-year-old Bolton-born star, who keeps his absences from his family - he still lives in his home city - to the minimum.

“After all, the success and the money which pays for a lovely lifestyle is great but there’s no point unless you can be at home as much as possible to enjoy it with the family. I’m doing all this for them as much as myself,” he declared.

“My idea of a chill-out is being at home with Christine and the kids - I’m a homebird in that sense. When I tour or perform I try to ensure I get back every night as I don’t like being apart from them.”

Carving out that time can’t always be easy for the comedian because Take Me Out, which launched in 2010 has propelled him onto another level of stardom.

Originally a stand-up comedian, Paddy has acted in Phoenix Nights and Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere alongside his pal, Peter Kay.

“You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’m seen on a red carpet at an event or whatever, because it’s not my scene really.

“It’s also great living in Bolton as it keeps my feet on the ground, I can regularly see my mates that I went to school with - Peter Kay lives around the corner - or the ones I knew in my jobs before I went into telly.

“To them I’m the same as I always have been,” he said

His catchphrases - ‘no likey, no lighty’ and ‘let the hanky see the panky’ - delivered in his broad Northern accent, have become part of the nation’s vocabulary and a seventh series screens in January 2015.

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