This enamel jewellery show in Leeds is inspiring scores of people

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Discover the ancient art of enamelling in a Leeds show that highlights some of the UK’s top jewellery makers.

Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery’s Summer Jewellery Show has been educating its visitors on the ancient craft of enamelling.

The Enamel Jewellery Show is inspiring scores of visitors to Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery.

One maker, Cathy Newell-Price, said: “I got my first enamelling kiln when I was 12. My grandmother, who was an artist, took me to see someone she knew who did enamelling. The kiln had a lift top a bit like a domed saucepan lid and she used it in the kitchen, with powdered lead enamels.

“When my father died a few years ago I was given a little tin by my stepmother with all his cufflinks in, including ones I made all those years ago. I have always enamelled my own way.”

A degree in Botany fed Cathy’s interest in the natural world, and much of her jewellery now is inspired by plants.

She uses a variety of techniques to transform precious metals to reflect botanical forms, combined with gemstones and enamels. It is a detailed and delicate process.

Before enamelling, most of Cathy’s pieces are highly textured with either a recess or relief design in the silver, achieved by techniques such as roll printing her drawings onto the silver, chasing and repoussé, and direct casting into hand carved moulds.

Visitors can view and buy from the collection of ten jewellers on display in Leeds until September 28. Visit