Kate Humble leads hunt for stars for new TV show

Kate Humble
Kate Humble
Promoted by Raise The Roof

A search is underway for families who are quitting the rat race in search of a better life doing something they love.

A brand new television series hosted by Kate Humble is on the lookout for people who are planning to shun their previous busy lives for a one that’s far more down to earth.

And it particularly wants local families to take part.

Channel 5’s new series, Twice The Life for Half The Price, will follow six families from around the country as they embark on their search for a new, better quality of life in an entirely new rural community.

It might be families who are leaving stressful jobs to fulfil a dream of working with animals at, say, their own petting zoo or ditching life in an everyday semi-detached for life running a bed and breakfast by the sea.

As they make their life-changing move, they’ll be guided by presenter Kate Humble, who herself quit a busy life in the city for a more relaxed rural life in Wales.

Kate, a regular presenter on BBC’S Springwatch programmes, is a passionate advocate for rural living and will offer motivation, tips and a wealth of support to the families as they pack up their old lives and discover a different way of living.

She said: “Over a decade ago I made a big move, waved goodbye to life in the city and set up home in rural Wales. It was a huge change and even though I had grown up in the country, I soon discovered I had lots to learn.

“I am really looking forward to meeting the families who are about to undertake this same journey, following their progress and hopefully being able to help and support them along the way.

“Will leaving behind the hubbub of city life help them achieve their dream of Twice the Life?”

The production team behind the six-part series say they are particularly keen to find families from the North and the Midlands who are radically changing their lives by quitting their day-to-day jobs for a new venture in a fresh location.

The aspirational series aims to show how they take the leap into the unknown in the hunt for a better life, and settle into their new community.

The series is being made by independent television company Raise the Roof Productions which is partly owned by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. It specialises in making factual and programmes and has a long track-record of successful entertaining and informative shows.

Are you planning a major move to a new rural life? For details on how to apply to take part in Twice The Life for Half The Price, simply email: life@raisetheroofproductions.com.