Wesley Thomas: I make my friends die horribly

Wesley Thomas. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Wesley Thomas. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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He once worked on a dating website - now he likes to give his friends and family gory deaths in his horror stories. Jayne Dawson reports.

Wesley Thomas, 24, has appeared on Emmerdale and in many theatre productions . He is also a writer and is about to publish his third book online. He lives in Castleford.

My first job was as a glass collector in a bar when I was 14. I was keen to earn some money. My granddad advised me to save half of everything I earned and so I did. I am good with money.

The best advice I have received was from my dad who told me to stay strong - and always listen to advice. You get a lot of knockbacks in acting and in writing so you have to develop a thick skin.

My guilty pleasure is to have a duvet day. I am naturally a hardworker and everyone is always telling me to calm down. So every few weeks I have a duvet day. I don’t actually stay in bed all day, I have to get up and have a shower and do a couple of hours work - then I go back to bed and pig out on crisps and watch films.

My pet hate is people who moan about life without trying to do something about it. I think people should be glad they’re alive, and stop being negative. I don’t like people without any aspirations - going out and getting drunk is not me - I have probably done it once in the last ten months. I prefer to do more interesting stuff.

I would most like to meet Meryl Streep because she is a phenomenal actor. She could play a teenage boy and you would believe her. I would also like to met Richard Laymon who writes horror stories.

I think my love of horror began when I read the Goosebumps and Shivers stories when I was about ten. I loved being scared. Then I moved onto horror films, my parents weren’t thrilled.

After my A-levels I did a part time drama course for three years learning acting and screen methods. As well as acting I did some writing for a dating website but I knew I really wanted to write horror stories.

My first book is basically about a group of friends who go to a cabin, and get massacred. There is more to it than that, but that is the basic story. I sell better in America than in the UK. I have made about £20,000 from my horror stories so far.

My way of expressing gratitude to my family and friends for their support is by slaughtering them. The more horrific the death, the more appreciative I am.

My favourite weekend would be spent with my partner, Derek. It sounds soppy but when we met it was magical. We started chatting on a train and just clicked. He is American and I will soon be going over there to stay with him for three months, then we will look at the visa situation. I can work anywhere.

I would tell my teenage self to not care so much what people think. If someone doesn’t like you, as a teenager you think you need to change how you are, but you don’t.

My virtual life is huge, it is probably bigger than my actual life. I Skype Derek who lives in Michigan, I promote my books on social networks, and I have friends all over the world.

My philosophy of life is to seize every moment and use every opportunity.

I couldn’t live without horror books and movies. People say to me that I look like Justin Bieber and ask how I can write such terrible stuff.

My most embarrassing moment was in my heavy drinking phase. There was a bar where if you got on stage and stripped you got free drinks, so that’s what I did. I had to get dressed on stage afterwards and that was worse.

Here’s my joke: Why are writers always cold?

Because they are always surrounded by drafts.

It would probably surprise people to know that I have had some very unhappy times. I suffered from terrible acne when I was younger and that is a traumatic condition. Then coming out as gay was difficult. It was a bumpy road.

My childhood was fine. I have three brothers and two sisters and I had no troubles until I got to college. I was a bit of a bad boy with the girls but I was in denial. There was tension with my mum when I finally said I was gay, I think they were all worried about the gay stereotype but now everyone is incredible about it, including my grandparents.

My first kiss was with Charlotte in infant school, I remember taking her by the hand to stand underneath a big tree so I could kiss her.

The first record I ever bought was either Pink or Britney Spears, I’m not hugely interested in music.

I love the choice of restaurants and bars in Leeds, and I really like Blayds bar.