Video: So, who shot Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden?

of Emmerdale will screen an hour-long rewind episode revealing who shot Robert Sugden, played by Ryan Hawley, to celebrate its 43rd birthday.
of Emmerdale will screen an hour-long rewind episode revealing who shot Robert Sugden, played by Ryan Hawley, to celebrate its 43rd birthday.
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EMMERDALE is to air a flashback episode for the first time, in which it will be revealed who shot Robert Sugden.

An hour-long edition of the Yorkshire soap will turn the clocks back to celebrate the soap’s 43rd anniversary at the end of October, showing the events of the previous two hours that led to Robert’s shooting.

Producer Kate Oates said: “This won’t be the first time Emmerdale has broken its ‘house style’ of storytelling; but it will be the first time we’ve told a story in a non-linear way.

“What makes this ‘rewind’ episode special is that we won’t just learn who shot Robert, but two other big secrets that will propel the show into an exciting, emotional and dramatic winter.”

Speaking at an Emmerdale press event, Oates said that she is “really pleased” with the fans’ reaction to the whodunnit storyline that is currently airing.

There are numerous suspects in the frame, including Robert’s ex-wife Chrissie Sugden, scorned lover Aaron Livesy and aggrieved brother Andy Sugden.

Oates also teased a “big storyline” in the new year for Aaron (Danny Miller) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), who are both currently embroiled in the ‘Who shot Robert?’ story.

“We have got a big storyline coming up in the new year for Aaron and Chas which will be a new subject for me and for Emmerdale, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to crafting the stories that I’ve got, hopefully leaving the show in good shape for the next guy.”

Oates, who will be leaving the job of Emmerdale producer in 2016 to take up a new position as producer of Coronation Street, added: “I think it will be a big Christmas for Ashley.

“There will be some big stuff for the Dingles, it’s going to be a very emotional Christmas. It won’t be whistles and bangs and stunts. It will all be very heartfelt. I think that’s right for us because we had such a stunt-led summer, I think it’s good to bring it down to grass roots and to do something that’s more emotion and drama based.”

Oates will be taking over from Stuart Blackburn as producer of Coronation Street next year.

“I’m delighted to accept the role as Coronation Street’s new producer,” she said earlier this month. “It’s really exciting to be moving from one amazing soap to another and I feel very blessed.

“Emmerdale is an exceptional programme and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the cast, writers and crew. They are some of the absolute best in the business and it’s been a privilege to work with such dedicated, hard-working and creative people, and make some life-long friends in the process.

“But as much as Emmerdale has meant the world to me, Corrie also has a special place in my heart.”

Emmerdale, ITV weekdays at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday.