Theatre review: Three Little Pigs: A Ballet for Children, Northern Ballet

Three Little Pigs. Photo: Brian Slater
Three Little Pigs. Photo: Brian Slater
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Conceived, choreographed, orchestrated and performed for children, Three Little Pigs is Northern Ballet’s festive family frolic – a delightful vignette designed to enthral youngsters with a fable that oozes traditional storytelling.

Our three playful porcine pals – interpreted and danced with a simplicity and style that perfectly complements the tale – embark on a journey to market where they buy straw, wood and bricks to build their own homes. Watching throughout is the figure of the big bad wolf who, belly rumbling, stalks the trio with a view to enjoying a huge dinner. Played out sans narration against an inspired backdrop – the pigs’ homes are reminiscent of expressionistic sets from 1920s silent films – the story is clearly and competently told. Innocence versus malice. Good versus evil. A live soundtrack – including Frank Churchill’s ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’ and Charles Williams’ ‘The Devil’s Galop’ – directed and arranged by John Longstaff provides an identifiable and accessible musical commentary to the choreography by Hannah Bateman and Victoria Sibson. A mixed audience of children and parents was entranced at a preview of this production. It tours extensively during 2014.